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Now the shitty thingbhas given mye headache limb ache ache all over
I want to sleep.
I can’t sleep and that is why I drank so much. it’s only twenty to one fuck off.
Bored shitless to be honest, I want to leave my life for a bit, not be dead, I juts want someone elses I’M SO BORED OF THIS CRAP
Wah wha wah, stupid privelidged middle class white girl is sick of her easy life OH MY GOD get me OUT

And I can’t get Adam and the fucking ants out of my head, REMEMBER THE GUUUURL, and that shit.


I want a fight. Where’s Helen when you need her? She’ll fight me, we have a fight-pact. I want someone to hit me in the face over and over,

Drunk tumbling no shame

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